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There is nothing wrong with a woman’s naked body.

There is nothing wrong with a woman having photos of her body.

There is nothing wrong with a woman taking these photos for someone to see. (Consensually)

There is SO MUCH wrong with someone obtaining these photos ILLEGALLY from somewhere that…


Can we please address how these nude photo leaks are representative of the widespread exploitation/victimization of WOMEN? Not one male celebrity on that list.


Was porn not good enough? Were all your videos and images on sites not good enough? Was media where people actually gave their consent to have people view their bodies too boring for you? You have all kinds of kinks and fetish videos at your fingertips online, but instead you choose to exploit and sexualize the bodies of young, kind women who did not give permission for you to do so. 

"I’m sorry we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants."

- Anne Hathaway (via heart-breakwarfare)

John Howe

Looses followers for displaying human emotion